About Us

A Modern Turkish & Persian restaurant situated in the heart of Heaton Moor, serving the finest tastes at reasonable prices in a great atmosphere with amazing design.

The pride of every Persian &Turkish chef is the grill. Most succulent tender lamb fillets, poussin on the bone or whole fish, all marinated to enhance the flavour and retain their own juices, and grilled on the charcoal grill.

A whole range of Persian &Turkish stews, lamb, chicken and vegetarian are all cooked slowly over many hours for the herbs and spices to truly infuse together and create an aromatic and flavour some experience.

Persian rice is long grain and fluffy, lightly infused with saffron, it provides the perfect platform to enhance the flavours of the grill and the stews.

Delicious, succulent and healthy, whether you fancy a lunch to keep you going all day or enjoy supreme dinner with friends and loved ones, Istanbul Nights Kitchen is there to provide immaculate service and a unique experience for your senses.